Karouni Project - (Troy 100%)


The Karouni Project (formally known as the West Omai Project) is centred at 5º37’N and 59º05’W in the central-northern portion of Guyana.  The Project lies approximately 180km south-southwest of Georgetown.  The Karouni Project covers an aggregate area of 113,581 hectares; comprising granted small, medium and large scale tenements west of the Essequibo River

The Karouni Project is dominated by gently undulating terrain at elevations ranging from 50m to 100m above sea level.  The area is drained by a dendritic network of moderately incised small streams and creeks.  The Project area is veneered entirely by tropical lowland forest with the canopy height ranging from approximately 20m to 50m.  Aside from logging tracks, the forest cover has essentially been preserved by very selective logging practices.

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